About That One Building

We are innovative people. We thought it would be great to bring talented entrepreneurs together under one roof to create powerful synergies. We are also introducing our local community to the new technological era of web 3, NFT, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Our goal in the space is also to give artists the opportunity to display their artwork and show them how to sell their pieces in the form of NFTs.

We hope to provide business owners and content creators with a space where they can build their business with all the necessary tools to start a business and a comfortable, home-like work environment. Our most important goal is to provide these entrepreneurs with a space to innovate and grow without limits.


Our Values


Working together, and building connections with one another is where  Members build on their ideas and aren’t afraid to open doors to new possibilities. Our co-working culture allows for constant collaboration with individuals who bring new perspectives to projects you may never have considered.


Surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals who can inspire, help and expand our businesses is a key ingredient in making this place grow. Events are a big part of our culture. From private events, classes, and workshops, we want to provide you an opportunity to expand your network.


Inspiring our community, our members are given the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally.

True Entrepreneurship

True entrepreneurship comes creativity in mind, with professionals, startups and freelancers, we are here for you to fulfill your needs of entertainment, creativity, and business operations you need to come together to provide a one and only work experience.


If you’re going to be spending hours a day working, you might as well work in a setting that works for you and where you can get your best work done. Our space is created to serve our members.